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Education Ecosystem: How to Earn LEDU Coins!

Education Ecosystem: How to Earn LEDU Coins!

Education Ecosystem is the decentralized version of Lynda or Pluralsight, but instead of paying for subscriptions, you get paid in crypto and get access to plenty of tech-related materials to learn from!

Learn programming, AI, cybersecurity, game development, and much more, and earn LEDU coins in return!


Project-based learning is one of the best ways to learn, especially in tech-related subjects. You watch an instructor build a project from scratch, then you’ll try to build it on your own and learn in the process.

We have plenty of learning websites, such as PluralSight and Lynda, that provide this. You buy a subscription plan and start learning. But what if we had a platform that provided you with all the materials for free and even PAID you in return?

Let’s talk about Education Ecosystem!

What Is Education Ecosystem?

Education Ecosystem is a decentralized learning platform that provides services like Pluralsight and Lynda learning websites. It is blockchain-based and rewards its users and instructors with cryptocurrency to incentivize them to keep using the platform.

Its goal is to teach “professionals and college students how to build real products.” It covers hot topics such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science, Programming, Game Development, Cryptocurrency, and Cybersecurity.

How to Use Education Ecosystem

You can use Education Ecosystem as a student or instructor. As a student, you can view projects, or share and review them. As an instructor, you teach you viewers how to build a project in one of the topics we mentioned in the previous section.

To start your journey as a student or creator:

  1. Go to the Education Ecosystem website and make an account. You can use this link if you like, which is my referral link.
  2. Choose one of the options “I want to Study” or “I want to Create Projects“, based on your preference.
  3. Choose the topics you want to learn or create projects for.
  4. Confirm your email account by simply verifying the email that Education Ecosystem has sent you.
  5. Congrats! You’re Done!

How to Earn LEDU Coins on Education Ecosystem

Let’s check a project together. I am currently interested in Data Science so I chose the Python Data analytics and visualization project.


As a student, you can earn LEDU coins by sharing or watching this project. You can also suggest a topic that is not covered yet and receive up to 1500 LEDU per each accepted suggestion!

Education Ecosystem also has a referral system that pays +200 LEDU per friend. As a decentralized system, Education Ecosystem encourages user contribution by rewarding them. So, every contribution is rewarded.

Creators also get paid in LEDU coins and cash. Go to the Education Ecosystem project page to see the projects in demand and how much you can earn by creating them!

You can check LEDU price from CoinMarketCap.


Education Ecosystem is the decentralized version of Lynda or Pluralsight that allows you to learn programming, AI, cybersecurity, game development, and much more, and earn LEDU coins in return.

You can also create your own projects and earn LEDU coins and cash!

You can join Education Ecosystem using my referral link.

Good luck learning and creating!

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