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Socios Fan Token: What It Is and How It Works

Socios Fan Token: What It Is and How It Works

There was a time when collecting sports cards was a delightful hobby for young people. Whether it was football, baseball, or hockey, we loved collecting our favorite player’s cards and did everything to keep them safe. Well, those days are not gone, they just turned digital! Today, if you’re a football fan and have a favorite club, you can be more than just a card collector. You can showcase your passion, get involved in your club’s decisions, and even earn money! You ask “how?” Keep on reading to find out!

Blockchain Technology in Favor of Football Fans

Football is known for its super fans and for the first time, fans have the opportunity to be more than just a fan, thanks to blockchain technology.

You may know blockchain for its financial use-cases, such as cryptocurrencies, but this technology is not limited to that. Blockchain allows you to make Tokens. Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are a good example of blockchain tokens and are mainly used for unique items.

But all blockchain tokens are not necessarily unique or non-fungible. Generally, they are useful for collectible items such as artworks, rare items, or sports cards. If you want to learn more about NFTs and how can you make one, read our article about.

Socios App: Be More Than a Fan decided to use blockchain to allow fans to engage more with their favorite football clubs. It’s a fan engagement platform that provides fan tokens for different football teams. By buying fan tokens, you’ll be able to influence your team, win rewards and free crypto, and even trade for profit.

How to Use Socios App

You can download Socios mobile app from Android or iOS app store or use the platform’s web app. You’ll need to verify your account using your phone number.After verifying, you have to charge your account in order to be able to buy fan tokens. Socios is based on Chiliz blockchain and uses CHZ as its native cryptocurrency. It simply means that you can buy your fan tokens with CHZ tokens.Buying CHZ tokens is quite simple and you can buy them using your credit card. CHZ is also available in many different crypto exchanges such as BinanceCoinbase, and Houbi.That’s it. Now, you can exchange your CHZs with your favorite club’s token and participate in many different activities.

How to Earn using Socios Fan Tokens

You can benefit from your fan tokens in different ways:

Voting in Official Polls

Football clubs launch official polls which you can vote in. Clubs respect their fans’ voices and follow the popular vote. By voting, you also earn points.


You can earn XP points every time you make predictions, guess the correct score, guess the winning team, and guess the score ratio.

Badges and SSU Fan Tokens

By participating in different polls, following the news, and making predictions, you’ll earn XP points that help you to Level Up your profile. This allows you to collect SSU tokens which you can exchange for match tickets, merchandise, and much more.

Token Hunt

It’s like a game where you can find treasures that contain free fan tokens or CHZs. Socios refreshes the treasure points every 24h to provide its users with new opportunities.

Team Leaderboards

By participating in your team’s activities such as predictions, quizzes, and polls, you earn points that boost your ranking on the team’s leaderboard. At the end of each season, top fans on every team’s leaderboard will win exciting rewards.


You can benefit from fan tokens marketplace and buy and sell them for profit.


With the power of blockchain technology, you can be more than just a fan and even earn money by being a fan!

Socios platform allows you to buy your favorite team’s fan tokens and engage in your team’s polls, game predictions, and compete with other fans. You can even go token hunting and earn free fan tokens and crypto.

It’s worth mentioning that Socios is not only for football fans and provides similar services for basketball, American football, hockey, and much more.

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