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Cool Cats NFTs on OpenSea Marketplace

Cool Cats NFTs on OpenSea Marketplace

Are you an art collector that happens to be a cat person as well? If yes, you should check these cute NFT collections on OpenSea!

Before we start, if you want to learn more about NFTs and how can you make one, read our article about OpenSea, the first and largest NFT marketplace.

Cool Cats NFT

cool cats NFT collection

Cool Cats are one of the cutest cat NFTs on OpenSea NFT market. The Gen 1 collection includes 9,999 cat NFTs with blue skins. Every Cool Cats NFT is worth between 3 and 10 points and allows its owner to participate in the community and guide the project’s direction. what’s more, the project returns 20% of all Ether raised to the community through contests, raffles, and more! Community events like these may be based on the NFT points.

Cool Cats can breed too which allows you to make more NFTs from your original one and sell them. This makes Cool Cats a good NFT option for cat lovers and NFT collectors. The minimum price (floor price) for the Cool Cats NFT collection on OpenSea is 8.88 ETH, although you can bid lower than the floor price.

Stoner Cats NFT

stoner cats NFT collection has a great idea behind it. Stoner Cats is a show created by Mila Kunis, an American actress, and the only way to watch it is by buying a Stoner Cats NFT. As the team says, blockchain provides “a new way for fans to engage directly with the content they want to watch and be a part of the content creation process.”

What’s more, a Stoner Cats NFT is your key to a fun club which watching the show is just one of its perks!

You can buy Stoner Cats NFT from OpenSea NFT marketplace. The collection consists of 10.4k Stoner Cats and the floor price for each NFT item is 0.27 ETH. However, as we mentioned before, you can bid lower than the floor price.

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