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How to Backup Your Brave Rewards?

How to Backup Your Brave Rewards?

Brave Browser is a blockchain-based browser that awards you with BAT tokens. The tokens are stored on your browser unless you withdraw them. Updating your Brave, the browser or your OS may make some errors that sometimes make it impossible to retrieve your BAT tokens.

In this article, you will learn how to keep your BAT tokens safe. But before we start, you can read our article on Brave Browser to learn more about its reward system.

How to Backup My BAT Rewards?

The information about your Brave rewards and other Brave settings is stored on your system. By keeping a copy of those files, you can backup your BAT rewards and other preferences like your Bookmarks.

To find these files on Windows, follow the following steps:

  1. Go to driver C, where your Windows is installed.
  2. Choose Users, and then select your account name
  3. Find AppData folder. This folder is hidden by default, so make sure that your system’s setting is set to show hidden items.
  4. Go to local -> BraveSoftware -> Brave-Browser -> User Data.
  5. Find the Default folder and make a copy of it.

Try to save a new copy after every BAT payment. In case of any problems, all you have to do is replace the backup file with the original one. For macOS, you can find the data files in Users -> [Your Name] -> Library folder.


Brave Browser is a privacy-focused browser that keeps your private data safe and rewards your attention with BAT tokens. By keeping a copy of your Default folder, you’ll be able to retrieve your tokens in case something unfortunate happens.

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