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Learn and Earn: where you can earn crypto while learning it!

Learn and Earn: where you can earn crypto while learning it!

learn and earn crypto

and Earn platforms provide you with learning materials and reward you after
finishing each course. These platforms are particularly famous in
cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, where you can simply learn about different crypto and DeFi projects
and earn tokens and coins in return.

is Learn and Earn

you may remember, we talked about Education Ecosystem and how it uses
cryptocurrencies (LEDU coins) to encourage users to create educational content
and learn from them. Learn and Earn platforms are different as they are more focused on marketing.

general idea of Learn and Earn is that a crypto-related business
introduces crypto-related projects and pays
crypto to incentivize people to learn about them.

platforms only provide coupons, such as discounts or vouchers, which can only be
used on the platform’s products and services. In this way, they are marketing
their own business while rewarding users for their participation.

worth mentioning that almost all learn and earn crypto platforms require their
users to complete Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures. KYC is a way for platforms to
verify their users’ identity which may not be appealing to privacy concerned


Top Learn and Earn Platforms for Earning Free Crypto

can learn about crypto and blockchain fundamentals or projects and earn free
crypto in the process.

are the top places where you can start learning and earning free crypto:


learn and earn crypto coinbase and binance

CoinMarketCap: Learn Crypto, Earn Crypto

CoinMarketCap is a data hub for crypto
and DeFi markets. It provides a Learn
Crypto, Earn Crypto platform
for its users where you can watch educational
videos, complete easy quizzes, and earn free crypto.

mainly focuses on new blockchain and DeFi projects. For earning free crypto, all
you have to do is watch a few videos and take the quiz.


to earn free crypto on CoinMarketCap

The educational videos will always be accessible for you to learn from, but every project offers a limited time period
for users to join their campaign and earn crypto. Oasis Network campaign is currently live on CoinmarketCap that offers ROSE


Coinbase: Earn crypto while learning about

CoinMarketCap, you’ll learn about new crypto projects. You can earn projects’ native cryptocurrency after completing each course. You have
to have an account in Coinbase and follow KYC rules to be eligible for using
Coinbase to earn free crypto.


to earn free crypto on Coinbase

an account and verify your phone number. Right now, Coinbase
learning has two active courses:

  1. Amp that rewards $3 worth of AMP tokens
  2. Stellar Lumens that rewards $10 worth of
    XLM tokens


Phemex: Get paid to learn Crypto

Phemex is a crypto exchange and
trading platform. Like CoinMarketCap, you watch some videos, take a quiz, and receive
your reward either in crypto or trading bonuses. You have to complete KYC to be
able to receive your awards and you can use your rewards on the platform’s
products and services.


to earn free crypto on Phemex

an account and complete its KYC process. Right now, Phemex
learning has the following courses:

  1. Fiat Currency VS.
    ” offering a $6 reward
  2. How to Buy or Transfer
    Crypto on Phemex?
    ” offering a $10 reward
  3. How to Spot Trade on Phemex
    offering an $8 reward



Binance Academy: Learn Crypto & Earn

Binance Academy awards new users with
free crypto for reading specific blockchain and crypto-related articles. Based
on Binance
Academy’s terms and conditions page
, “Learn & Earn rewards are for new
Binance users registered on the specific activity pages only.”

have only 3 days to complete Identity Verification after account registration. If
you fail to do so, your rewards will expire.


Learn and Earn platforms provide you with learning materials and reward you after finishing each course. CoinMarketCap, Coinbase, Binance, and Phemex are amazing choices that allow you to earn free crypto while learning it.

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